Customer Testimonials
Here are a few words of praise from our customers:

Hello LP Weinerfarm,
I recently ran into a friend of mine Johnathan.  He drove all night and all the way from Richmond, VA to get Little Lolly from you.  She is one of the most sweetest and precious teacup Yorkies's I have ever put my eyes on.  She has the best demeanor and cutest little bark, and I am taken away by how incredibly smart she is for such a tiny tiny little perfect fur ball of joy!  I tell him every day that she is just 1.5 lbs of pure love and joy, happiness in the palm of your hand! I would love it if  I could be ever so fortunate as to work out a deal and possibly let me choose the pick of the next litter that your beloved Snuggles and O'Lee have together again.
                                                              Rachel Z.

Hello LP Weinerfarm,
I wanted to update you on my puppy.  I purchased a black/tan and silver dapple dachshund from you in March.  What a great dog she has turned out to be! We named her Paisley because of her beautiful markings.  She has become the best little companion to me.  She gets up with me every morning,  we read the paper together and walk to beach, and take long rides in the car.  She has become somewhat spoiled.  What a great dog.
                                                            Renee N.
                                                            Los Angeles, CA

      LP Weinerfarm               
Some of our past puppies that were  placed in satisfied happy homes!!!!!
Tiny Teacup female Yorkie
        "Lil Lolly"
Miniature Dachshund
female silver dapple
Miniature Dachshund
female chocolate dapple
Miniature Dachshund
Black/tan short haired female